Autonomous Industrial Automation Solutions


Why Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Industrial Business Application

The digital age is transforming the way we do our work with the amount of the data and information we collect and disseminate daily.  Artificial intelligence has the ability to accelerate our ability to absorb, interpret, process and make decisions based on that data.

AI is currently powering apps, websites, and devices that you personally use everyday, and these AI-powered tools save you time and effort. We bring these services in a customized format to the industrial setting.


We use artificial intelligence with machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, advanced neural networks in our platform and we combine them with conventional process automation solutions. This allows us to sift through reams of data and enable fast, informed decisions to reduce unplanned outages, decrease standby time for maintenance, decrease cost while increasing production. Our solution is based on proprietary dynamic models and we capture the entire state of an event.

Proprietary Plant Models

We have built plant models that don’t exist in machine learning research currently. These are built from scratch and are the core engine that is driving our Autonomous Factory solution.

Learning Based Dynamic Models

We use artificial intelligence and deep learning neural networks to produce model-based control design used in autonomous driving. Our system provides insights that can't be detected by normal rule-based algorithms

Ready to implement

Our end-to- end algorithms fit seamlessly into your existing data infrastructure with one click deployment, drag-and- drop feature, visual representation and data security


At NTWIST, we encourage innovation and creativity to come up with next generation solutions.

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